Services Offered

Sustainability is a broad area, my focus is on consumption and production patterns and the impacts throughout the life cycle, in economic, social and environmental metrics.

The focus of my work is on sustainable public procurement (SPP).

Aspects related to this are certification systems, standards and labels; supply chains and circular economy.

While these mechanisms and principles apply to most product groups, I have particular knowledge of construction, textiles, information- and communication technology, food and timber.

Some examples of the type of work I do:

I run trainings tailored to different audiences, from presentations and guest lectures to one day workshops and multi-week summer courses.

I have also worked on various aspects of case studies, identifying, researching and/or writing up interesting examples of sustainable purchasing in concise, simple language. My large network and multiple language skills are partiularly useful here.

Another service I offer is facilitation of workshops or seminars with diverse stakeholders, I will help you get results while keeping the actors engaged.

Please contact me to discuss how I can best support you!