Franziska Singer

I am passionate about the impact of purchasing decisions, both for indivdual consumers and procurers. What if we thought about these decisions a little bit more. About whether the product we have chosen is made by people working in good conditions earning a fair wage, about whether the product could be made in a more innovative or efficient way, or about what kind of impact its production has on the environment.

I have an insight into all this and more, and I want to share it with you, bring together my professional experience and my personal approach to consumption.

Here is an excerpt of a presentation I did in May 2016:

At the European Secretariat of  ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability I worked on the sustainable procurement team for five years where I discovered my passion and talent for training. I worked on projects on verification of social criteria in the supply chain (LANDMARK) and sustainable construction and innovation (SCI-Network) , as well organizing events and coordinating newsletters and other publications.

Since then my need to explore the sector and its potential has taken me to Brazil, Belgium, Berlin and a number of other places on the way.

Find out more about my previous experience

I am a native English and German speaker, fluent French and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian as well as understanding of Spanish.


  • Procuring Innovative and Sustainable Construction – European Public Authority
    Edited (with Simon Clement), produced within the LMI-funded project “SCI Network”
  • Kommunen haben viel Gewicht-ICLEI treibt lokale Nachhaltigkeit voran
    Local authorities have a lot of weight-ICLEI is driving local sustainability),
    in: „Cebra – Zeitschrift für effiziente Beschaffung rund um Büro und
    Arbeitsplatz“ 8/2011
  • Decentralisation and sustainable development – an enabling relationship? A
    look at policy and practice in Indonesia and the Philippines
    (with Antonia Staats) presented at “Decentralization and Democratization in
    Southeast Asia”, Freiburg, Germany
  • Städte und Gemeinden des Südens vernetzen sich für mehr Nachhaltigkeit
    (Local governments of the South are networking for sustainability), in:
    südostasien 3/2010

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